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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Model 1905 field gun restored, still serving 3-7th FA

Hawai‘i Army Weekly | July 16, 2013

A restored Model 1905 3-inch field gun, known as ‘Lucky 7,’on display during 3rd BCT, 25th ID’s Week of the Bronco closing ceremony in Quad C, July 3. Lucky 7 will be dedicated in an upcoming ceremony and placed in the 3-7th FA

Story and photo by Sgt. Brian Erickson
3rd Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs
25th Infantry Division

After months of restoration, “Lucky 7,” a Model 1905 3-inch field gun, was unveiled at Quad C, here, July 3.

“This is fantastic, for it espouses our unit history, our lineage and basically our core roots when we were activated in 1917,” said Lt. Col. George Hammar, commander, 3rd Battalion, 7th Field Artillery Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division. “This weapon has been with the unit since it was activated.”

The restoration project to this point all started in the regiment’s motor pool in January, explained 1st Lt. Tyler Weaver, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 3-7th FA.

“I remember feeling like I was ready to pass out,” said Weaver. “Our commander brought us to the motor pool to show us this field gun.”

However, this time was not the first occasion the lieutenant had seen the gun. In fact, at one point in the past, he was actually searching for a way to turn it in.

“I worked in the S-4 (property management office) shop for a while, and our previous executive officer wanted us to turn this gun, to get it completely off the books,” said Weaver.

Turning in a weapon of this caliber turned out to be a harder task than what was originally thought, according to Weaver. Before he could find a way to get rid of the gun, the command changed, and the new commander had a whole different idea of what to do with the rusted-out piece of field artillery.

“Our new commander came in, who loves history, and basically said restore it,” said Weaver.

“When I took command, I tasked the lieutenants to restore the field gun,” said Hammar.

Now with a new task to accomplish, Weaver recruited 2nd lieutenants Joshua Checki, Sam Lloyd and Jose Campos, all assigned to 3-7th FA.

“Commander wanted it done, so I said alright, might as well start working on it,” said Weaver.

Once he got started working on the project, it took on a life of its own, according to the gentlemen working on it.

With more than 200 hours of restoration work completed, the Model 1905 Field Gun is almost ready to be placed in it resting spot.

“We still have a little tweaking to do to it, a couple more parts to restore,” said Hammar. “Once finished, it will be puton display in Quad E under the battalion headquarters in the arch.”

The field gun will be dedicated during a small ceremony on the 3-7th FA Regimental Day, July 16.

Afterwards, Lucky 7 will be used for parades, changes of command ceremonies and other formal events.

“This has been a great experience, another opportunity to learn new things,” said Weaver.

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