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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bishop Museum Department of Anthropology Summer Internship Program Application Deadline April 15th

Bishop Museum Department of Anthropology Summer Internship Program

The Anthropology Department’s Summer Internship Program is offering internships over the summer academic session (May 21-August 7, 2012) for undergraduate and graduate students wanting to prepare for careers in archaeology, anthropology, museums, or other related fields. At least two days per week of project work is requested. Interns will work on projects relating to the collections held by the department, which are focused on Hawaiian and Polynesian archaeology. Projects will include inventorying and scanning archaeological maps and documents, inventorying and digitizing artifacts, rehousing artifacts, and sorting midden samples. Other work may be included, as well, based on the current needs of curatorial staff within the Anthropology Department. Each intern will receive hands-on training and instruction relating to the projects on which they are working. The internships are unpaid, but it may be possible to receive academic credit, subject to the requirements of individual university degree programs.

The number of applicants selected for each internship program varies according to staff needs and availability. Those interested in applying should fill out a Summer Internship Application Form. Please attach a resume and include the name of an academic advisor or professor who can be contacted to provide a reference. A brief summary (one page or less) of your major areas of academic and professional interest, as well as an explanation of how you hope to benefit from the internship should also be included.

Please email the application and attachments to:

Summer Moore, Archaeology Collections Manager

Application deadline is April 15, 2012.


Application Form

Name: ___________________________________________

Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone: _______________ E-Mail: _________________

Academic Status (Expected date of Degree and Major): __________________________


Name of Academic Institution: ______________________________________________

Currently enrolled in a museum studies program: Yes___ No___

Name and address (including phone and e-mail) of academic advisor who we may contact for a recommendation: ________________________________________________________________________


Area of Interest and Relevant Experience: _____________________________________



Check one:

¨ Seeking academic credit

¨ Not seeking academic credit

Preferred work schedule: _____________________________

Please attach a resume and describe, in no more than one page, your educational goals and how you feel an internship at the Bishop Museum relates to those goals (use a separate page):

Signature ______________________________Date: ____________________________

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