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Monday, July 2, 2012

NOW OPEN: Bishop Museum Exhibit “Tradition and Transition: Stories of Hawai‘i Immigrants”

Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum has opened an exhibit about the history of immigrants in Hawai‘i.
“Tradition and Transition, Stories of Hawai‘i's Immigrants” celebrates the stories of challenge and victory, tales of hardship matched with those of success. It is a story that focuses on the strength of human spirit and the power of change.

Castle Hall’s second floor gallery features special treasured stories in focus cases, a timeline of Hawaiian history, video stations, and significant artifacts and document to relay the history of Japanese in Hawai‘i.

Opening in August: “Textured Lives: Japanese Immigrant Clothing from the Plantations of Hawai‘i” On August 18, an additional exhibit will showcase Japanese Immigrant Clothing from the Plantations of Hawai‘i. “Textured Lives” will run through October 15, 2012 on the first floor of Castle Memorial Building. The exhibit will feature items collected and researched by scholar and author Barbara Kawakami.

Inspiring stories abound when the discussion centers on the challenges faced by immigrants coming to a new homeland. “Tradition and Transition, Stories of Hawai‘i Immigrants” presents these and celebrates the diversity brought by all ethnic groups who contribute to the economic strength and cultural multiplicity of Hawai‘i.

For children, a Pā‘ani Place is for kids to learn about multi-ethnic playthings and pastimes.

The hallway adjacent to the main exhibition gallery is Ho‘olaulea Hall, filled with large photomurals, hanging celebratory items, and smaller exhibit cases that focus on multiethnic celebrations.

At the end of the Ho‘olaulea Hall is Ho‘okipa Parlor, a recreation of the interior of a plantation home living room, welcoming visitors who wish to sit a while and browse books on various local ethnic traditions or watch some old news reels of plantation-era Hawai‘i.


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